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A message from a South African: Protect your right to bear arms for self defense at all costs. An unarmed society is not a safer society. I live in one.

Only 3.4% of South Africans own a gun, which makes our society basically unarmed in every sense of the word. Yet, this does not stop violent gangs from aquiring guns illegally. In fact, violent gangs stroll into homes care-free every day knowing they will face no resistance. Violent hijackings, home invasions and rapes are ridiculously common in South Africa. Also farm murders. Over 50 white farmers have been killed, and almost a 80 beaten or tortured, on their farms since January this year, and four farmers were shot and killed just in the last 24 hours. This is my daily living nightmare, as my parents live on a farm.

In the first incident of the killings in the last 24 hours, five armed black Africans arrived at a farm in the Rustenburg area and shot the farmer Kallie Schoonraad (47) when he came out the front door to shield them from his wife, young daughter and father in law. The killers then robbed items from the house, beat the family and left in their Toyota fortuner.

In the second incident, three black men ambushed a 64 year old farmer, and his 28 year old daughter, on their small holding farm in Hartebeespoortdam area. The farmer shielded his daughter and tried to negotiate with the attackers, who demanded money, but one of the men shot him in the chest at close range. They robbed guns and electronics from the house before fleeing.

In the Western Cape, Strawberry farmer Jeffrey Zetler (62) were killed on his farm outside Stellenbosch, when four black African men gained entry and ambushed him in his office. They stabbed him to death and stole nothing.

Another farmer was shot 5 times by 4 intruders at his farm outside Klerksdorp. They dragged him to the laundry area and started burning him with the iron, but luckily the power tripped, so more extensive torture wasn’t possible. He had been on the phone to someone when the shooting started, and she phoned his neighbour who rushed over with his gun and alerted the police, causing the attackers to flee. They took nothing.

This is my reality. They international mainstream media is completely silent on this. White South African farmers are systematically being murdered and no one can do anything to stop it. The government looks the other way and black mainstream media in South Africa does not even report it. A lot of crime is also committed by illegal aliens, such as undocumented Nigerians and Zimbabweans who stream across our borders yearly. 97% of South Africans have no way of protecting themselves from violent crimes. Thank God I got my 9mm Glock recently. Never ever think that your society cannot be infiltrated by anarchy, gangs or violence. I grew up in a rural area that was the definition of tranquility and safety, but which turned into a shithole within 15 years. Protect your right to bear arms at all costs.

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