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[Community][5E] Beginner’s Tavern is looking for Players and Experienced DMs.

Welcome Travelers to Beginner’s Tavern!…

…A place for people who just ventured out of their homes in search of great adventure!


Every time I searched for the players for my game half of the applications were from people with low to none experience in D&D. I always gave a chance to as many of them as I could. Many of them turned out to be a great player who didn’t have a chance to play because a lot of DMs are afraid of taking inexperienced players. That’s why I decided to create this community.


We are an open discord server that aims to give newbies a chance to learn how to play D&D 5E, gain experience as a player or even a Beginner DM and have a great time together. We have a handful of Experienced DMs that run one-shots and short campaign in which they carefully explain ins and outs of D&D. They are also sitting there on the server available to answer any questions, help to create a character and provide guidance in any D&D related matter. All the games are run on our discord so that anyone can tune in, listen and watch the game. DM’s get their own text channels where they can communicate with their players without disturbance. Don’t worry if you already played few sessions, you are still a Beginner. There is no limit on how many games you can play with us! Even after you gain enough experience to not be considered a Beginner you can still stay and have fun, we don’t just play D&D. We also train people who want to become a DMs. You can run games here and Experienced DMs will watch it, help out, and give feedback and pointers how to improve your DM’ing.

Experienced DMs / Mentors

Of course, someone needs to run the games and teach new DMs. That’s where Experienced DMs and Mentors come into play. Exp. DM usually just run games and answer questions. Mentors, however, have a much more important role. They overseer Beginner DMs and give them direct lesson and guidance on how to improve/find their own style of DMing.

If you think that you know D&D pretty well and do want to run games for newbies you are more than welcome to join!

Join us on our Discord Server. WE HAVE CATGIRLS!

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