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[Compendium] 144 page Monster Hunter Series Monster Manual 100% complete

This is it, the final product of the last couple months of monster creation! I present the 100% complete, discounting some possible grammar errors and a typo here or there, Monster Hunter Monster Manual. This manual covers every creature from the original monster hunter game up to monster hunter world, it does not include the ones that have little information like Frontier or XX. I had a lot of fun creating this and I appreciate the feedback from everyone during its creation. I have updated each separate section so that they have the same information as the full manual and created a google drive link for those who might see some formatting issues on GMBinder. For the future, I plan on creating a compendium with loot tables for the creatures, weapons from the video game series, and a rule set so that you can play your own monster hunter style D&D game. Enjoy and please let me know what you think.


  • Fixed the formatting issues.
  • Changed up a few DC saving throw numbers from some of my earlier creations. None of the saves changed by more than 1 or 2 so if you use the original it will not change much.
  • Changed the wording in some of the abilities so they were more in line with the D&D 5e MM.
  • Reworked the Gypceros play dead reaction a little, but it still roughly does what it did before.
  • Moved all the creatures from the last section to their proper parts of the manual. (this includes the seperated PDFs).
  • Added a table of contents and cover art .
  • Other things, I can't remember them all.

Full Monster Hunter Monster Manual – Please note the PDF link is 156 MB and to large to preview

Monster Hunter Monster Manual | PDF

Sections of the Monster Hunter Monster Manual

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Bird Wyvern & Theropods | PDF

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Fanged Beasts | PDF

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Flying Wyvern | PDF

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Brute Wyverns, Fanged Wyverns, & Monstrosities | PDF

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Leviathans, Amphibians, Carapaceons, & Piscine Wyverns | PDF

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Neopterons, Elder Dragons, & a Temnoceran | PDF

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Herbivores, Lynians & Snake Wyverns | PDF

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