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I got my girlfriend to try and actually enjoy D&D

To start off, my girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year now. She has never been the nerdy type. The only game she really played was Mario and some Nazi Zombies. So when she first learned I was a D&D fanatic, she literally rolled her eyes and called me, "One of those people." Ha.

Well fast forward to maybe two months ago, and here she is in my friends house, watching us play a session of D&D. Two days later, she's asking me how to create a character. Next week, she shows up with me and her Tabaxi Barbarian is introduced to the group. I show her how to use her weapons and when to roll and what numbers to use, but overall, she enjoys it. She's having fun. She even just created a backup character that she really looks forward to using.

Yesterday she gave me my Valentines day gift early, which was a DM's guide and a mini for my sorcerer. And while she was at the shop, she bought her own mini and her own dice. That made me so proud!

I know there's a ton of people out there who play D&D (or any games for that matter) with their SO. But getting my girlfriend who initially called it "nerd shit" to actually play and enjoy the game-that's amazing to me. Nothing better than being able to play a great game with friends to escape the normalcy of life. Thanks for reading.

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