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RPGs: The Older We Get, the More We Need Them and the Less We Can Play Them

How do.

RPGs are the best damn thing ever. Get together with friends, be yourself, everyone has a good time (even the rules debates are good fun with close friends).

However, as we get older and priorities shift to kid-having, job-doing, and holy-shit-I'm-tireding in the evenings, RPGs fall off the map. As we get older, there's less time for creativity as we try and push through each day to make it to the weekend. If you have kids, that weekend gets carved up pretty damned quick.

RPGs are amazing because of the creative energy that takes place in them. As we get older, we need more of this to feel like human beings with thoughts in our heads that are interesting. Funny thing is, 'success' is like a big, damn rewind in years as far as the perception of RPGs. I've found the higher up you get promoted, the more the hobby is received as odd or silly.

I went through all this and am emerging to try and recapture that much-needed creativity. What I'm finding is that young folks are deeply protective of their groups at my FLGS and aren't looking for some older 'fogey' to mess up the dynamic.

I've tried card games and found them too 'mechanical' for my tastes.

I know that online gaming is a thing, but I sit at a computer all day and would prefer to get away from it.

What tips do you have at getting a steady gaming group as you get older?

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