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Self Post About Google/Veritas thing

Veritas dropped the goods on Google:


The long and the short of it is that Google has a private definition of "fairness" which means "political correctness" and they have "fairness algorithims" that go after YouTubers they've decided are right wing or otherwise engage in wrongthink.

I think it sucks that the link to this was removed for unrelated politics, it obviously goes right to the heart of things here. But I didn't recognize the creator of that post, so maybe he doesn't know you can squeak things past the rules with self posts, so that's what I'm doing rather than letting it go undiscussed here.

How much attention does Google have to devote to controversies that seem big to us, but are probably small to them? Can their algorithim fuck with the CDPR situation, or is that the sort of thing that would require human intervention, and thus be overlooked?

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