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Thunderspygaming now presents: Melee Defenders, Costumes and more!

Patch Notes

“`The end discount portion of Defenders vigilance inherent has been reworked into a click power that provides a 33% power boost and end discount. the solo damage buff is still the same.

Defenders now have the following melee sets as secondary options:

Battle Axe Street Justice Broad Sword Claws Dual Blades Katana Savage Melee Staff Fighting War Mace Thorny Combat

The Taunt powers in the defender melee sets have been replaced by a new power: Feint is a targeted AoE placate that also provides the caster with 15% AoE defense

Defender fire blast has been renamed to Fiery combat and has had optional melee attacks added into it, these attacks lock out certain powers.

Created variant powers to address incompatibility issues with the new defender melee sets:

Nature Affinity: Living Spores, a variant of Lifegiving spores that summons at the casters feet and refreshes every 5s

Storm Summoning: Typhoon, a variant of Hurricane that has no repel, has weaker debuffs, but a higher knock down chance

Forcefield: Suspension Bubble, A variant of Force bubble that forces a very slow fly on enemies and has a higher chance to knock down

Defenders added to the melee category of character creation

Dominators added to the ranged and melee category of character creation

Tanks added to the melee category of character creation “` VEAT Nerfs


  • most end costs are back to vanilla
  • most recharges are back to vanilla

  • increased Charge! cooldown by 30s

  • reduced damage on

    • aimed shot
    • heavy burst
    • crab melees
  • removed damage on wide area web grenade

  • removed most added res debuffs

  • mace patron tweak

  • doubled Serum recharge

  • removed/reverted/reduced damage on web cocoon

  • increased recharge on pets

  • removed toxic -res on melee attacks

  • regen debuff duration on darts increased to vanilla tarantulas

  • nerfs to equivalent attacks carried over

  • doubled IV Serum recharge

  • nerfed resists

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