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What Happened To Reckful And Alinity Opening Up About Harassment Needs To Be A Learning Moment

The people on this sub, and the Mods themselves, need to take this moment to learn and be more proactive going forward. Whether it was Reckful, Alinity, Mitch, Trainwrecks, Greek, Ninja and his wife Jessica Blevins, etc. This sub needs to stop turning into a platform to shit on and harass these people over a fuck up/mistake/stupid comment constantly. Mods need to not let shit like what happened with Ninja's wife happen, where people just dig up old clips/tweets/videos etc just to shit on them and amplify the circle jerk of hate and harassment. Rule No 1 is literally don't be a dick, yet you'll have days where the entire front page is just old clips of whoever LSF decided to hate that day.

This is what we this sub adds to often: https://clips.twitch.tv/ToughObliqueCasettePogChamp

Mods need to start actually being more proactive, why do we need 100 different threads of old clips to shit on a person, if they make a mistake one thread is enough (ideally without being filled with harassment). Idk maybe I'm just being overly sensitive considering how much Reckful helped me with his content, and how many times I have had to see this shitty cycle of people just latching onto reasons to harass him over a mistake again and again, and now that cycle ended in the worst way possible. But we need to be better, what is the point of everyone saying how shitty harassment is, or say bullying is bad after the fact, if we never actually implement change. People who use this sub, and Mods, need to make an explicit commitment to not enable shit type of beahviour, to call it out, and actually try to fix the shitty toxic cesspool this reddit has become. We can't be part of the problem, especially one that leads to the type of consequences that happened today.


First, some of you seem to misunderstand and think this thread is saying bullying is the only/main issue, it is not. Mental Health and Illness is complex and is impacted by many different things. The point of this thread was to not be one of those negative impacts, and be better. Just because other issues exist, doesn't mean we should help create and fuel the bullying/harassment issue.

Second, Ideally what I would like from this post if it keeps getting the attention it has been, is an actual response and commitment from Mods to stop, or at least try to stop, days where 100 different threads are made to shit on a single person.

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