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[TUTORIAL] How to Install Custom Rings for Fire Pro Wrestling World

Mods have finally made their way to Fire Pro Wrestling World, and it already seems to have taken off. Mods that add new match rules, mods that add hidden arenas, new rings, actual tag teams, you name it, it’s probably been made. Unfortunately, the mods can be quite tricky to install so that’s why I’m writing this.

Before you install the mods, I recommend you do a clean install of the game. It’s not needed, but it does remove an extra chance of errors. Make sure to grab your save data, you can find this in

So there are two ways to install custom mats, I will go over both now:
Method A

The first method involves directly editing the games files, for this you will need to download Unity Asset Bundle Extractor (UABE) which you can find here:

So once that has downloaded, go to File, Open and then navigate to the Fire Pro installation, then inside FireProWrestlingW_Data, you will find a file called resources.assets, double click on that to load it.

When the file loads, it will look something like this: You will want to sort by name (by pressing on the name column), then scroll down until you find ring_C3_parts, then press on the plugins button on the right hand side. This will bring up a dialog box with three options, you will want to press Edit. Then on that box, don't change anything, and at the bottom sits a button that says Load, press that. Then find your ringmat, (you may have to change the file type) and load that. For example, I'm using the NJPW ring mat.

Press OK, and then File > Save, and save it to your desktop. Then in file explorer, go to the Fire Pro installation, go inside the FireProWrestlingW_Data folder, and paste the new file. (You may want to make a backup of your current file.)

As you can see, it works.

Method B

The 2nd method involves a couple of third party programs, including a ring mat switcher. The first thing you'll want is MikeDG's PWGR Patcher, which you can find here:

Then you will want to grab Carlzilla's mod suite which you can find on FireProArena:

The first thing you will want to do, is go to the Fire Pro installation folder, and simply drag and drop the contents of the PWGR patcher into the folder. It should look like this.

Then you will want to open the FireProWrestlingW_Data\Managed folder, and copy your Assembly-CSharp.dll files. Then rename the copy to be Assembly-CSharp.original.dll, this file is just used as a backup.

Then you will want to load PWGR Patcher, on the left hand side at the top, you will be able to choose a resolution, underneath that will be the mods that are able to be installed. Press 'Patch Fire Pro World' and load up the game, just to ensure it works. If the game doesn't shit the bed, you're good to go.

Next you will want to install Carlzilla's mod, this is done by once again, simply dragging and dropping the files in the zip into the installation folder. You may notice a 'RingMats' folder, as you probably expected, all the ringmats go in there. There is two files in there, which you may remember if you tried method one. They simply serve as the default rings if you don't have anything linked.

Once again, you will want to run PWGR Patcher.exe, this time there will be a new file on the left hand side, Carlzilla.dll, tick that and press patch the game!

Next you will want to load up the game, a bunch of windows will load up alongside it, however we're most interested in the Mat Texture Database.
On the right-hand side, the top drop-down box will show all of the rings you have loaded, the bottom will show any mats you have in the folder. For now, we're going to make a new ring. You will want it set up like so, with the apron and ring textures being set to white:

Save the ring, and go to the Mat Texture Database application, and press the Update Ring / Image List button. Press the A dd button, before choosing the in game ring, then the texture.

Go into a game, choose your ring and test it!

There you go, it's installed! Sorry if some parts don't make sense, I'm shite at explaining things. Let me know if you have any questions!

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