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Defending against the Politically Correct in Gaming

Attention to all gamers.

You may believe the media spin on ‪#‎gamergate‬. You may not believe our cause is ethics in gamer journalism. You may not believe some of us are expanding to fight social justice warriors ‪#‎sjw‬ across all aspects of our lives.

But we are not the ones attempting to redefine the first iconic female character in video games into being transgendered.

That is right. Metroid’s Samus Aran is being claimed to be transgendered by Brianna Wu, one of the primary #sjw leaders.

Feminists, the character that broke the barrier is being co-opted, by those claiming to be your defenders against the ‘misogynist’ #gamergate.

It’s time for those of you convinced #gamergate is anti-woman to realize the lies fed to you over this past year, Gamergate has never been your enemy. We are defending your icon against Wu and her SJW allies. We are a diverse group of all genders, nationalities, and political sides united in wanting gaming to grow for everybody’s benefit.

It is time for us to unite against the scourge of those attempting to destroy our hobby, and in some cases our careers, through political correctness exposed by #sjw censorship attempts and destruction of icons such as Samus Aran.