The Star Trek Fallacy

Once more, it seems I must revisit Star Trek in the relationship of progressives in America. What prompted it this time was, once again, Wil Wheaton and his friend, Felicia Day. Day has put out a book with a chapter attacking #GamerGate and their alleged actions against her. But, this has brought up the whole progressive Social Justice Warrior (#sjw) philosophy and how they can suck people into believing a series of lies and propaganda.

Of course, one of the bigger celebrity progressives is Mr. Wheaton, a former actor on Star Trek. He has adopted, completely, Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future. Another person who has bought into this vision was Barack Obama. Yes, much of what Obama wants to do comes from this shared vision.

Too bad Mr. Roddenberry’s vision of utopia is impossible. Nice, but unable to be obtained in at least our lifetimes, if not ever.

I am a fan of Star Trek but as science fiction. The last word in that is ‘fiction’, as in not real.

Why, you ask? Mr. Roddenberry’s vision boils down to one thing – dilithium crystals and their existence in the world. With dilithium, unlimited power can be obtained in an extremely safe environment (barring a movie or two, or episode for drama purposes). In the real world, fusion has yet to be achieved at a sustainable level. Unlimited power without any drop off cannot be obtained in any form of energy, solar and hydro power included.

In Star Trek, unlimited power leads to the replicator system. Replicators are part two of the equation. Again, you ask why? Simple, a replicator provides unlimited resources. Anything can be made. (Gene fought against latinum’s existence when it was introduced.) Money, which was created to represent the worth of limited resources, would no longer be needed if food, minerals, building materials, etc. could all be created out of thin air.

With unlimited food, unlimited power, and unlimited resources, you will end up with a utopia. You could proceed to expand knowledge, have a lifetime of leisure, and other things with most of your time available as you do not need to provide for yourself the basics of food and shelter. If you read the progressives writing, this is their goal…their ‘progress’ they are attempting to achieve.

It’s a pipe dream in reality.

Yet, the progressives still strive for this. They believe they can have it all, right now. It isn’t possible, and in their quest for that perfection, they drag us all into failure. Thomas More’s Utopia was impossible as well, as is Karl Marx and Plato’s Republic. All four visions are the same. But in their blind charge towards these visions, progressives instead generate distopia. Visualized by Huxley and Orwell, this is where society is headed, if not already there.

It can get worse than Brave New World and 1984. It can lead right into a new Dark Age, which the barbarians destroy civilization as we know it. Those barbarians, in our world, are in the physical form of the Islamic State.

Until progressives come back out of the clouds of their pipe dreams, and actually work towards real human progress, this is the inevitable course on which we are embarked. Star Trek, thus, must be put back into perspective – fiction, not fact. Until this happens, we are marching towards the cliff.

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