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Anita Sarkeesian is now defending people who make threats of violence [Humor]

This is was something she posted nearly two weeks ago, which we incredibly enough missed. None other than Anita Sarkeesian, who made her names by claiming that she had received threats, is supporting people who post threats on the internet.

This is bullshit. If you're getting locked out of your account for supporting trans rights, or defending yourself against transphobic hate let me know. sourcearchive

This was the post she quoted. Twitter required that the following post be removed:

TL;DR – Protecting trans women at all costs, TERF politics will get you slapped and you'll absolutely deserve it sourcearchive

As you can see, this is not supporting anything, or defending anyone against hate, this is a threat of violence – one that Sarkeesian would monetize if it were directed at her.

Well, ladies and gents, we've come full circle. The woman who claimed harassment, while harassing others, and who has played the victim for five straight years over supposed 'death threats', is now defending threats. No bad tactics, only bad targets. A similar issue exists regarding 'gendered insults' and whether one should take pictures of people without their knowledge and consent.

As an aside, the individual Sarkeesian is defending, once said that a serial killer murdering countless women and storing their… female genitalia in a freezer, is less bad than the 'inherent cissexism' of the AP calling those body parts 'female genitalia'. Level-headed guy we're dealing with here.

BONUS: Sam Machkovech (Ars Technica) said he was working on a similar piece and he solicited responses from Anita Sarkeesian and others.

If they let you know, I'd love any copies of tweets/alerts. I'm picking up anecdotal evidence other groups being targeted in similar fashion and am trying to put data together for a potential Ars Technica piece. DMs are open, or [email]

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