Upvoted: Brian Keene (author) calls non-white Comicsgater a ‘dancing monkey’, doubles down. [SocJus] via /r/KotakuInAction

Brian Keene (author) calls non-white Comicsgater a ‘dancing monkey’, doubles down. [SocJus]

The 'anti-racists' don't seem to be able to help themselves. Right after destroying Roseanne's career for saying someone looked like an ape-character when (she credibly maintained) she did not know she was black, they are calling minorities who dare to disagree with them 'monkeys'. Straight up. Not 'looks like', but 'you are a dancing monkey'.

It doesn’t matter what your mission statement is. It could be giving out free kittens or curing cancer. If Vox Day and his dancing monkey Jon Del Arroz are part of it, the majority of people who like free kittens or a cure for cancer are still going to say no thanks. And laugh. source

Ignore for a moment the stupidity of refusing a cure for cancer because you don't like the guy giving it out. He's straight up calling a Latino Comicsgater a 'dancing monkey'.

When he was called out for his… 'anti-racism', he doubled down.

No, I called you a monkey. And also a charlatan and a con-artist and a blowhard and a dumbass. But it's heartening to know that some in ComicsGate and elsewhere are finally starting to see through your schtick. source


I humbly apologize to any organ grinders or organ grinder monkeys who were offended that I equated Vox Day and Jon Del Arroz to them. Organ grinding is a lost musical art, and the little hats the monkeys wear are adorable. I should have said Saruman and Grima Wormtongue instead. source

Just to illustrate that this evoked no objection whatsoever: many SJWs backed him up on that. I'll give you one example: Ellen Datlow, an editor of science fiction books, retweeted his comments. Ironically, just a few days earlier, she was calling someone a racist for having used the phrase 'monkey up' in a context that was completely unrelated to race. Datslow man.

There are countless more. If I go listing them, that might violate some strange Reddit rules. Instead, I have archived many of them, so it's on their permanent record if you will. Of course, if anyone serious doubts my claims here, I'll gladly verify them with the mods.

Nothing that they say, they sincerely believe. It's all a power-play.

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