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Calculator for Stronghold/Castle costs at all levels.

I was trying to calculate the costs/time for my group to build a 3 strongholds (a castle) on the ruins of an ancient temple. It was all taking a lot of pencil work and brainpower, so I bodged together a quick and dirty spreadsheet to do the maths for me.


The aim is that you use the drop down boxes to select the 'end result' stronghold you want your PC's to have, including any ruined parts or existing levels to use as a starting point.

NOTE: Make sure that you haven't got ruins and a level 1(+) structure existing in the same place. Likewise planning to build a level 2 structure where there already is a level 4 one will result in odd values!

Although I suppose this could be used as a basis for cost savings if you dismantle an existing structure to build something new (eg: take down the wizards tower to improve the keep)

I am sure this can be improved on, so I have left it editable. Please make a copy and post the better version back up here!

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