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GoG deleting reviews and posting fake 5star ones

LoL i never expected to see such shit from GoG. It is from Not Tonight game that it came out last night. I was just reading the reviews that were all one star,refreshed to see if there is a new one and hold and behold. All the reviews deleted and only one 5 star one named "An actual review of the game" with already 50 people approved of it.. Yeah sure in the 5 minutes that it took me to read all the old reviews more than the half of the people that voted for the game decided to click approved on that review. Also naming the review "An actual review of the game" while giving it a 5 stars is not different than all the one star reviews having problem with the sjw shit in the game. It is shame that GoG fall that low,once it was a beacon of light in a sea of politics. I came to for the games and to get away from the stupid american politics,don't give shit about them! Fuck you GoG!

It is a copy/paste from the thread i make on gog so it could be a little bit strange. I am posting here because you guys are in to this kind of shit,i am more of a passive supporter of your believes ;). Here is a link to the game and the discussion on the gog forum:



The game from what i have seen is pretty sjw drivel.

Edit: Some guy at gog admited that they deleted the reviews because they were apparently fake ones. Here is the gog discussion: https://www.gog.com/forum/general/strange_gog_review_score/page1

And here is a screenshot if it gets deleted:


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