Upvoted: I reached out to Cayley, better known as ‘Angry Miz Girl’ to interview her on the 10th anniversary of her reaction going viral, asking her about how it was to receive a WWE Slammy, meeting The Miz, how she’s doing nowadays and more! via /r/SquaredCircle

I reached out to Cayley, better known as ‘Angry Miz Girl’ to interview her on the 10th anniversary of her reaction going viral, asking her about how it was to receive a WWE Slammy, meeting The Miz, how she’s doing nowadays and more!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of The Miz cashing in his Money in the Bank contract to win the WWE Title, which lead to one of the most known fan reactions in WWE history


Cayley, better known as 'Angry Miz Girl', shared an autograph she received from The Miz on her Instagram to celebrate the anniversary, which I then shared on here, leading to a lot of great responses and many people wanting to know how she is doing nowadays.

I went ahead and messaged Cayley to ask her about a quick interview, answering a few questions which she didn't mind – enjoy!

Question 1:

– When did you realize you became 'Angry Miz Girl' in the wrestling world? Did your classmates or people you know told you about it, or did you notice it yourself?

"My Dad's best friend called him the morning after the show and told us to watch it back because they showed me at the very end, if he didn't call us I probably would've noticed. I was 10 at the time and in 5th grade so not a lot of my classmates watched at the time but I did get picked on for it a little bit"

– Picked on in a friendly matter hopefully? Or did your reaction lead to some negative moments over the years?

"Some friendly, others not so friendly"

Question 2:

– Did you continue watching wrestling afterwards/nowadays? If yes, in case you went to other events, did you get recognized?

"I continued to watch wrestling for a few years, probably till I was 13 or 14. I started to play Sports and went to Highschool, and I just didn't have the time to keep up with it anymore. I did go to a few events in my hometown after it happened and I was recognized a few times"

Question 3:

– Just yesterday you shared an autograph signed by The Miz, also including a very nice message from him. What's the story behind it? How did you get it?

"When I went on the show for the Slammys, they gave me a show book with all the people in it, while I was backstage getting ready for the show I got almost all of the wrestlers that were there to sign it, so The Miz is just one of many that I have autographs from!"

She sent me two examples

Question 4 :

– The Slammy Awards 2010: How was that evening as a whole? Did the WWE invite you? How was it like being backstage and on stage, working a little angle with The Miz himself? Did you two talk about the whole thing backstage?


"It was amazing honestly. My dad reached out to the company after they used my picture for a few weeks in a row. They flew me out to New Orleans a day before the show I believe. It was extremely nervewracking because I'm a shy person in general so being on stage was my worst nightmare. All the Superstars backstage were extremely kind to me and helped me get more comfortable being backstage. Me and Miz talked a bit backstage and we hung out for most of the afternoon leading up to the show, he was EXTREMELY kind and sweet to me. It was an amazing experience to have. After my portion of the show I went into the crowd and watched the rest of the show. Being backstage was so insane, it was so amazing getting to see how everything all came together"

– Did they actually give you a Slammy Award for you to keep?

"Yeah I did get a Slammy! I got it about 7 months after I was on the show tho. I still have it on my dresser in my room"

Question 5:

– After sharing your Miz autograph yesterday, many people had wondered "what happened to her?". What are you up to nowadays? How are you doing? What are your plans?

"Well I am currently 20 and I am taking off a year from college to try and figure out what I want to do in the future. I work 2 jobs as sales associate in my hometown. I eventually want to move out of Florida and somewhere up north where it's colder. I'm not really up to anything crazy, just trying to figure out life at the moment"

Final Question:

– 10 years forward to the day 'Angry Miz Girl' was born, The Miz is once again Mr Money in the Bank. If he'd cash in nowadays and goes on to win the WWE Title yet again – how would your reaction look like this time?

"Honestly I'd be pretty happy, he's an amazing guy and he was always super kind to me. I think he's a great heel and a great entertainer. I think he deserves the title just as much as anyone on the roster currently"

That wraps it up!

Thanks you guys for reading, after the responses yesterday I was interested myself in a lot of things so I just decided "Why not just message her" and I am happy this all came together!

This was the first time I have done something like this so I hope the questions were interesting.

Gladly check out Cayley, her SNS are caleyboo on Reddit, caley_boo on Instagram and ayeitscay on Twitter!


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