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My newbie girlfriend kills it (D&D 5E)

Decided to start playing again with some friends that were interested but needed a little guidance. So I decided to DM and wrote a small campaign. All of these dudes and dudettes have easily either played D&D before and/or experienced with how a RPG works. Come game day my girlfriend being a good sport decides she wants to tag along and possibly play. She has never really played any video games and had zero understanding of how the game worked but all of our friends are babes and they begged her to play with us. She took to it like a natural. She wanted to be a magic user, so we pushed her in the direction of sorcerer (thinking it would be easier than wizard for first time player) Not only does she see cohesiveness in spells she picked up pretty quick that she should choose a "theme" for her character. She out RP's most of the people and comes up with great ideas for the party. "Taken to it like a pig in shit" D&D really does bring people together really well.

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