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Twitch is a factory transforming kids into npcs

Twitch is the worst thing a kid can do to get entertainment, thots and sjws run free in that environment. But I like to go there sometimes to watch r6 siege and war thunder gameplay just to relax in bed before sleeping. So I found today a r6 siege streamer named Interro, hes a caster for the pro league too, and he was doing a "just chating" thing and he was full mode indoctrinating kids into being total npcs and sjws. He was saying that wyman are to be respekted at all cost and they can do no wrong and orange man is very bad and that only trolls and horrible people voted for him. he said loads of bs haha all the usual talking points of the leftist communist degenerate agenda, throwing all the buzzwords that finish with phobia etc etc etc… Its was really funny to watch haha. But this makes me sad that young kids are being damaged by these people, they are taking innocent children and putting devious ideas in their heads and making kids become sick and turning kids into npcs.. just my 2 cents gents… Dont let yourself be fooled by people using entertainment to misguide and damage you, stay strong folks!

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